Why it is important to celebrate even the smallest things?

You must find reasons to rejoice every day. Your level of wellbeing and life satisfaction will grow if you deliberately look for reasons to celebrate each day. Finding or making small things to be thankful for is a method to live a pleasant life in the present (as opposed to chaotic chunks). To change your viewpoint and give your life meaning, recognize the wonderful in your life and take a moment (or several seconds) to enjoy it.

Celebrating entails taking even a moment to do something simple to recognize something good. It assists you in internalizing the positive rather than dismissing it or moving on to the next item right away. We genuinely need to learn how to accomplish this and keep practicing it.

There is a negativity bias in the human brain. Humans are prone to discounting the positive in favor of the negative, which causes stress, worry, and other mental health and wellness issues, as well as a general sense of discontent in life. This was initially developed as a survival strategy, but thousands of years ago it became obsolete. But it persists. This is why it’s crucial to combat the bias towards positivity by highlighting the good.

Why Do We Party? Psychological Causes

The human brain is designed to rejoice. Your brain’s neurochemistry is predisposed to respond to your celebrations in many ways. The brain responds by turning on its own reward center when a person intentionally does something good to celebrate something inside themselves or in the world around them. Dopamine, a feel-good chemical, is released. You feel invigorated and overflowing with good feelings. In essence, the brain is responding to your happy dance by performing its own. (Obviously, “you” and “your brain” are one and the same. You dance together like a complex system.)

Your appreciation of life’s good things and your brain’s dopamine response can engage in what seems like an endless tennis volley. You look for the good and rejoice in it, serving it to the reward region of your brain, which subsequently fires back the shot with joy. You do more of what works, which in this case is organizing tiny celebrations, as a result of the positive experiences you have an impact on your ideas, feelings, and behaviors. There is no end to the volley.

Why Do We Party? Existential Motives

Find the good in life and take a moment to appreciate it. When you constantly practice this over time, it enhances your perception of your very existence (hence the existential reasons). In its purest form, celebration is a potent approach to produce a quality.

The goal of seeking out and appreciating the positive in life is not to eradicate the negative aspects of it. The negative is a natural component of life, as existentialists will affirm. But those existentialists would also tell you that there are good things in life, and that you can pick and mold your perspective as well as give your life meaning. How do you perceive and respond to the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful? Your interpretation of the people, events, and experiences in your life will determine the solution. Making meaning for your mental health and welfare involves, among other things, intentionally seeking out the good and celebrating it, even in the most basic of ways.

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